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Mon, Sep. 15th, 2008, 12:29 pm

i wanna start up a journal on blogspot. i just dont have the patience to set it up. this is obvs of how tasteless my livejournal is. i missed the newspaper meeting yesterday..but ill go sunday and pick up a story. i dont think its that bad. i mean we're still in the first week here. im already really tired. and i have to do so much reading tonight. im not up for it yet. my co-op class was cancelled so im free until 4. but i have italian and other reading to do until then. me and the track star talked this weekend for a bit. i need to stop cause then ill build up anticipation and ill be let down. as always. i dyed my hair, its jet black right now. and i dont know how i feel about it. i think i need to wash it a few more times for the color to settle right. entourage is off to a good fucking start this season. eright, off to some ramen and italian, how typical college student of me.